Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow

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Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow

Message par Administration le Dim 14 Aoû 2011 - 5:35

En février 2012 réédition en omnibus de deux romans sur les Blood Angels : Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow.
Il contiendra les romans Red fury et Black tide de James Swallow.
Ainsi que deux nouvelles : Redeemed et Bloodline.


Noble and savage, the Blood Angels are one of the most popular Space Marine Chapters in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In this two-book sequence, author James Swallow brings this Chapter to life. In an epic story of heroism, corruption and betrayal, battle-brothers Rafen and Arkio find themselves pitted against each other in a battle for the very soul of the Chapter.
February 2012

Nobles et sauvages, les Blood Angels sont l'un des chapitres de space marines les plus populaires de l'univers de Warhammer 40,000. Dans cette compilation de deux livres, l'auteur James Swallow donne vie à ce chapitre. Dans un récit épique et héroïque, fait de corruption, de trahison et de combat, les frères Rafen et Arkio se retrouvent opposés l'un à l'autre dans une bataille pour l'âme même de ce chapitre.

- Ci-dessous : covers originales des deux romans Red fury et Black tide.

- En spoiler présentation en anglais de ces deux romans :

Following the tragic events that led the Blood Angels to the brink of civil war, the Chapter’s strength has been badly depleted. The Blood Angels must act, and act quickly, before their enemies learn of their weakness and attack. With tempers flaring, and mutants running wild on their homeworld, can the Blood Angels and their successor Chapters put aside their rivalries and rebuild the Chapter before it is too late?
Red Fury is the next instalment in the popular Blood Angels series from The Flight of the Eisenstein author James Swallow.

Having prevented the ferocious Bloodfiends from bringing disaster to their homeworld of Baal, the Blood Angels go in search of the renegade who almost destroyed them – Fabius Bile. Tracking the Chaos traitor down to his secret base on Dynikas V, a world beset by alien tyranids, the Blood Angels find horrors more terrible than even they can imagine. And with a sample of primarch's blood in his possession, the Blood Angels must discover what nefarious plot Fabius Bile is bent on.

Extrait en anglais (format PDF) par ICI d) Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus extrait

- Présentation des deux nouvelles présentes dans cet omnibus :

==> Redeemed :
Returning the Spear of Telesto to Baal after the conclusion of the Blood Angels civil war, newly-promoted Sergeant Rafen finds himself the subject of Astorath the Grim’s attentions. The mysterious high chaplain suspects that Rafen has fallen foul of the Chapter’s curse, the Black Rage, and will go to any lengths to prove it, even if that leads to Rafen’s death.

==> Bloodline :
Blood Angel Sergeant Rafen is on the verge of death, torn apart by a raging torrent within him – the raw power of the blood of Sanguinius. His only hope of survival lies within the Chapter sarcophagi, where his physical wounds may heal. But another battle entirely is being fought – within his mind, Rafen must fight for his very soul. In the strange landscape of his subconscious, he must overcome shadowy enemies and delve deep into his strength and courage if he is to ever return to the Chapter. There he will come face to face with the past of the Blood Angels and the dark history that shook the universe ten millennia before.


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Re: Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow

Message par Monarque le Dim 14 Aoû 2011 - 9:37

La couverture est sublime !

Pour l'Empereur, pour Sanguinius !

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Capitaine Space Marine

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Re: Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow

Message par Varney le Dim 14 Aoû 2011 - 15:42

En effet, ils ont fait un grand effort pour la couverture qui contraste fort avec celle des romans séparés. Mais comme je les ai déjà je n'achèterais pas l'omnibus.
Par contre, je trouve ça bête de ne mettre que deux romans dedans, ils auraient pu en mettre trois scratch


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Re: Blood Angels : The Second Omnibus de James Swallow

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