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Shira Calpurnia Trilogy

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Shira Calpurnia Trilogy Empty Shira Calpurnia Trilogy

Message par Administration Sam 2 Juil 2011 - 4:02

En ce mois de juillet 2011 la Black Library propose une version eBook (en anglais) de la trilogie de roman Shira Calpurnia.

Petit présentation de cette série dont nous en France qu'un seul volume pour le moment.
Présenté ICI d) Shira Calpurnia

==> CROSSFIRE de Matthew Farrer

The bustling dockyards of the Hydraphur system are home to the mighty Imperial warfleets, which dock, rearm and repair in an endless cycle of war. Newly assigned Arbites officer, Shira Calpurnia, finds herself in the thick of the action when she investigates a series of assassination attempts. With the corruption and double-crosses of the Hydraphur elite dogging every step of her investigations, Calpurnia must survive the crossfire, and bring her faceless enemies to justice.

Shira Calpurnia Trilogy 729047crossfirecover

==> LEGACY de Matthew Farrer

The legendary rogue trader charters: Imperial warrants of unimaginable antiquity, which can bring their bearers wealth and power barely imaginable. Now that Rogue Trader Hoyyon Phrax is dead, his charter is being brought to the great fortress-system of Hydraphur to be ceremonially bequeathed to his son, and already the vultures are circling.

Shira Calpurnia does not want the charter. She can’t help wishing she had never heard of the charter. But she has been appointed to ensure that the will and testament of Hoyyon Phrax is carried out according to Imperial law. And that means that when the rival heirs decide that due process be damned and go all-out for their prize, it’s Calpurnia and her Arbites who must don their armour, take up their weapons and get ready for action...

Shira Calpurnia Trilogy 797871legacycover

==> BLIND de Matthew Farrer

Matthew Farrer once again brings his dazzling talent to bear on the Shira Calpurnia series. The fast-paced, intelligent action takes place in the great Imperial fortress system of Hydraphur, where Adeptus Arbites officer Shira Calpurnia enforces the law. Now she is investigating the murder of a blind astropath – psychic humans who use their gifts to communicate across the vast reaches of the galaxy – and she fears that the killer will strike again.

Shira Calpurnia Trilogy 228787blindcover

Bientôt en français ? Rolling Eyes



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Shira Calpurnia Trilogy Empty Re: Shira Calpurnia Trilogy

Message par Corax Sam 16 Juil 2011 - 12:15

Cela m'a l'air trés trés intéressant, vivement que cela soit traduit en français, Même si le premier est assez dure à lire, j'ai trop de mal à le lire. D'ailluers j'ai du arrêter de le lire mais je reprendrais sûrement la lecture. ^^

corax Shira Calpurnia Trilogy 25154110  ravenguards

d) Codex Raven Guard

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Maître de Guerre

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Shira Calpurnia Trilogy Empty Re: Shira Calpurnia Trilogy

Message par Dakka Sam 16 Juil 2011 - 18:46

Mode sympa:
Je n'ai pas vraiment compris ce que tu veux dire Corax, peux-tu s'il te plait à l'avenir faire attention au sens de tes phrases, ainsi qu'a leurs pertinence.

Is Finecast using diamond mixed with cocaine?

La Galaxie en Flammes, le forum français de l'Hérésie d'Horus.


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Shira Calpurnia Trilogy Empty Re: Shira Calpurnia Trilogy

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

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