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[Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio

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[Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio Empty [Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio

Message par Administration Sam 30 Juin 2012 - 2:32

[Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio 264039deathwolfbandeau

Depuis hier la Black Library a mis en ligne un nouveau texte au format MP3 Audia Drama s'inscrivant dans la série Space Marine Battles. Il est achetable et téléchargeable en ligne depuis le site web de la BL.

Présentation :

==> DEATHWOLF d'Andy Smillie

In the heavens above Luetin Hive, Erik Morkai’s Space Wolves clash with dark eldar raiders, jump-pack clad Blood Claws taking the battle to the aliens’ own infernal airships. But the war will be decided by Morkai himself as he challenges the aliens' sinister leader to single combat.
'Deathwolf oozes atmosphere and delivers a pulse-pounding glimpse into the heart of battle on a hive world.' - Dave Bradley, Editor, SFX

A Warhammer 40,000 audio drama by Andy Smillie. Narrated by Seán Barrett. Performed by Rupert Degas, Chris Fairbank & David Timson.

Source et un extrait audio par ICI :d):Deathwolf

[Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio 694414Deathwolfpub

[Space Marine Battles] Deathwolf d'Andy Smillie - Audio 406190Deathwolf

Pour l'occasion, une interview d'Andy Smillie a été posté sur le blog en anglais de la Black Library :

Deathwolf, the second of our exclusive Space Marine Battles audio dramas is released today. We couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than Andy Smillie to tell you a bit more about it. He did write it, after all.

A lot of Black Library fans will know you from your Flesh Tearers fiction.In many ways the Space Wolves are very similar, how do you differentiate them in your writing?

Well they’ve got different coloured armour, so that helps. Then there’s the difference in their naming conventions. Space Wolves have more Scandinavian sounding titles, whereas the Flesh Tearers tend to be named after angels. That’s the major difference, right?

Seriously though, I think the key to making them different is to think of them as individuals, characters rather than archetypes. Of course all Space Marines are basically the same, but only in the same way as all humans are the same. In that they’re not, obviously.

I think it’s tempting to think that because the two Chapters share a love of close combat, they have a similar fighting style. But with the Space Wolves it’s all controlled aggression, driven by honour and their feral nature. The Flesh Tearers draw their aggression from a more primal, base part of themselves. It’s the difference between anger and rage. The Space Wolves are very much in control of their actions. With the Flesh Tearers that’s not always the case.

How do you find writing for audio different from writing for a short story or novella?

Audios tend to need more dialogue. You have to think about how things will sound as opposed to just building images in a reader’s head.

The other thing you have to bear in mind is how many characters there are in the story. There’s a limit to how many actors and actresses that can be booked for a single recording. I think it has something to do with a critical mass of talent - too much would be bad. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, that sort of thing.

Working with a smaller cast than you’d perhaps like is an interesting challenge and it really makes you consider if the story needs that extra character or not. Actually, the dark eldar Archon in Deathwolf was originally written as a male but was changed to a female because of recording considerations. In the end I think the story’s better for the change.

Can we expect to see any more audio from you in the future?

Yes, I’ve just finished a Flesh Tearer audio that will be released at the Black Library Weekender in November, and I’ve got another couple slated for the future.

I love writing audio. I like the medium, and honestly, there’s little cooler than hearing a cast of actors performing your dialogue.

Download your copy of Deathwolf now to find out what happens as Erik Morkai’s Space Wolves do battle with the sinister dark eldar. What’s more, you’ll get a wallpaper of the artwork, so you can proudly display your allegiance to the sons of Russ.

Source :d):An Interview with Andy Smillie

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