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Storm of Magic novellas

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Storm of Magic novellas Empty Storm of Magic novellas

Message par Administration Ven 1 Juil 2011 - 4:34

A l'occasion de la sortie de l'extension Games Workshope de Storm of Magique / Tempête de Magie la Black Libary sort 3 novellas sous forme de fascucles de 128 pages chacun.
Un buzz est conduit par la BL sur son propre site par ICI d) Storm of Magic novellas

En attendant, voici une brève présentation des 3 textes inédits proposés par l'occasion :

==> Razumov's Tomb de Darius Hinks
As the Chaos moon of Morrslieb veers wildly off course, the Old World is wracked by a series of bizarre plagues. From a lofty spire of the Celestial College, the Empire's Grand Astromancer, Caspar Vyborg, scours the heavens for an explanation, seeking guidance in the stars. But as the Empire sinks further into madness and violence, his order is forced to search stranger places than the night sky - the investigation leads them to the grave of a long-dead sorcerer named Razumov and an ancient, half-remembered prophecy. Caspar decides that his only hope is to complete the dark rituals that killed Razumov centuries earlier, but as Morrslieb waxes full and ferocious magical storms begin to tear the very fabric of reality, Caspar learns the true, terrible nature of Razumov's tomb.

Storm of Magic novellas 112952RazumovsTomb

==> The Hour of Shadows de CL Werner
For thousands of years, the Golden Pool has been a source of malignant energy within the forest of Athel Loren. The wood elf spellweaver Ywain, secretly entrusted with the stewardship of this magical fulcrum, prophesises the coming of a terrible enemy to the ancient realm – even now, the undead hordes of the Black Seer Huskk Gnawbone approach. As the elves marshal their forces against him, the power of the pool grows and an eternal evil rises to corrupt even the very forest itself.

Storm of Magic novellas 183429HourofShadows

==> Dragonmage de Chris Wraight
Magic is stirring across the world. A storm is coming. On Ulthuan, the Phoenix King of the high elves nears death and competition for his position has erupted into open war. Lord Rathien of Caledor seeks to awaken the dragons from their long sleep and use their strength to ensure his ascent to the Phoenix Throne. Meanwhile, Prince Valaris of Ellyrion, aided by a powerful but naïve mage, wants to harness the power of the storm of magic to defeat his rival and achieve his goal. As their forces clash, greater powers manipulate events to their own purposes, leading the two elf nobles into a conflict that threatens to destroy them both… and the world with them.

Storm of Magic novellas 420638Dragonmage

Peut on espérait un jour avoir ces trois novellas dans un seul volume imprimé et en français ?

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